Hungry Discover 3 Simple Steps for Creating Quick and Tasty MealsAs many people have discovered for themselves – meal plans and recipes can be SO much simpler… once you know a few strategies for preparing great-tasting food quickly… And you CAN make healthy eating taste great. Many people even find themselves loving the foods they used to think were the worst… once they learned a few simple recipes that made all the difference… Because most of the foods we eat today are full of chemicals created in a lab to be addictive. But once you’ve removed them from your nutritional plan for a while, you find yourself rediscovering how great natural whole foods really taste.

If you apply the simple tips in this week’s blog post, it will never take you more than 30 minutes to cook a delicious-tasting meal. In many cases, it will take far less. And once you get the overall idea of eating this way and understand the daily meal plan outlines, you can create your own favorite meals and eat as you wish.

Here are the three simple steps you can take to get started…

Step #1: How to Create Delicious-Tasting, Never Boring Meals in Minimum Time Using Our Simple Meal Preparation System.

Here’s what you need to know: the best way to make great-tasting meals quickly is to keep the recipes as simple as possible. If you use only a few ingredients, it is always quick and easy to prepare the meal. And if you choose the right ingredients, it will taste great even though the recipe is very simple. An easy way to manage this is to simply mix and match foods from the categories below. Take 1 food from each of the 4 categories and toss them together in a pan… and use virgin coconut oil as your cooking oil. Then, add some of the healthy herbal seasonings mentioned in the next section. And rotate which combination you use each time to keep things interesting. There are more foods you could eat. But this shorter list of foods covers those that taste great in just about any combination. You’ll be able to create great-tasting meals more easily.

  • Category 1: Healthy proteins – salmon, grass-fed beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, eggs, pork, wild game, soybeans, edamame, tempeh, tofu
  • Category 2: Healthy fats – pastured butter, virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds
  • Category 3: Healthy carbohydrates – sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, quinoa, lentils, beans, legumes, barley, buckwheat
  • Category 4: Vegetables – asparagus, bell peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, mushroom, onions, tomatoes

Some example combinations are…

  • An omelet with vegetables, avocado, and meat sprinkled in.
  • A smoked salmon plate with tomatoes, lemon juice, and olives
  • A lettuce wrap filled with grilled beef strips and avocado

lettuce wraps

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Step #2: Make liberal use of healthy, delicious herbal seasonings There are many herbal seasonings that can lower inflammation in the body, improve your health and make it easier to lose stubborn belly fat. The most important of these is turmeric. Turmeric is a seasoning common in Indian food that has a number of medicinal properties. And helps to heal a wide range of different problems that lead to stubborn belly fat. Other seasonings and spices worthy of mention for losing belly fat are oregano, basil, rosemary, marjoram, lavender, black pepper, dill, garlic, ginger, Himalayan salt, and horse radish.


Step #3: Additional food prep strategies for minimizing your time commitment …and making it easier to stick to the program on even the most hectic schedule.

  • Food Prep Tip #1: Don’t Assume You’ll Cook – many women who aren’t used to cooking their meals from scratch make the mistake of thinking they’ll cook. But any time you try to change too many habits at once, you get overwhelmed. And find yourself giving up. You’re better off focusing on just a few small changes at a time. So – at first – focus on just getting used to the new way of eating. And take as many cooking short cuts as it takes to stick to the program.
  • For example, you can buy bags of frozen vegetables instead of fresh produce. You can also buy canned beans and legumes instead of cooking them from scratch. Or you can buy other foods pre-cooked, pre-washed and ready to be eaten right away as well. These food options may not be as ideal as cooking from scratch, but they make it easier to get started because you can just open them and pour it into a pan.
  • Food Prep Tip #2: Eat Lunch and Dinner for Breakfast – traditional breakfast foods tend to be full of questionable compounds (such as gluten) that make it difficult or impossible to lose belly fat. One of the simplest-yet-most-impactful changes you can make to jump start your quest for finally losing stubborn belly fat is to swap out the traditional breakfast foods for “lunch and dinner” foods instead.
  • Food Prep Tip #3: Keep the Right Foods in the House – if you’re hungry and the only thing in the house is junk food… you’ll struggle to make it to the store for something better. You’re better off shopping on a regular schedule… and making sure you always have healthy foods available.
  • Food Prep Tip #4: Keep the Junk Foods Out of the House – the easier it is to eat the wrong foods, the more likely you are to do it. The best policy is to simply not even allow them in the house.
  • Food Prep Tip #5: Prepare Food in Bulk on the Weekends – if you don’t have healthy foods within easy reach, you’re much more likely to fall off the wagon when hunger strikes. Once you are ready to cook from scratch… it’s helpful to schedule one day per week to prepare foods in advance for the rest of the week.

plan ahead

  • Food Prep Tip #6: Pre-cook Meats for the Week – cooking meats is often time-consuming. But if you pre-cook them once a week, all it will take the rest of the time is tossing it in the pan to re-heat it. It will take 5 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Simply pre-cook your meats once a week. Then cut it into strips. And separate it into small ziplock bags in the freezer. You can easily grab a small amount the next time you go to cook a meal.
  • Food Prep Tip #7: Pre-cook Carbs for The Week – it can take 30 minutes or more to cook foods such as beans, legumes, and quinoa. It’s helpful to simply cook a large batch once per week. Then just toss a bit in the pan and re-heat it as needed. You can quickly make a delicious-tasting meal… even when you are short on time.
  • Food Prep Tip #8: Pre-wash Vegetables – you can save yourself a lot of time during the week, by preparing your vegetables on the weekend. Simply pre-wash and chop enough to last you the whole week. And store them in ziplock bags for easy use. During the week – when you are busy and short on time – you can still prepare delicious-tasting meals quickly.

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