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Assistant Manager at QUEST CENTRE


Kathleen has great knowledge as a Nutritionist and Life coach. Her personal approach puts you at ease from the first meeting. She is able to be supportive while helping you make steps for the best results. I enjoyed the process from beginning to the end.

Praise from Cathy Konecny

I would like to thank Kathleen Calwell for her help in regards to my health both mentally and physically. Through lots of great meetings and learning positive thinking, many things were changed for the better as far as my health was concerned.

I was actually able to get off my stomach medication for acid reflux. I also did not need near as much medication for nerves. It is much healthier to do it naturally. Constipation became a thing of the past.

Kathleen supplied me with lots of recipes for a natural and healthy way of eating. Keeping a diary of how I felt physically and emotionally was a tremendous help to me. The weight seemed to come off slowly but consistently. I now realize that my emotional stress is not good at all for my physical stress.

Due to unforseen circumstances, certainly no fault of Kathleen’s, I have not continued on with my health counseling. That hopefully will change in the new year. I know that my health has declined without the help and wisdom of Kathleen who I consider a friend as well as a helper. Her genuine caring leads to this being an absolute easy thing to become. It is so much easier to talk to someone you trust. Thank you Kathleen for all your help!

~ Cathy Konecny


Praise from Jeanette

Since becoming a client of Kathleen Calwell RHN of Pure Choice Holistic Health, my overall health has improved especially my digestion and eliminating processes. Kathleen is very thorough in seeing I understand the changes I have made to my diet choices as well as exercise and I have also lost weight. I am enjoying the program and learning alot about what is good for my body and my mind. I highly recommend Kathleen!

~ Jeanette Vidler

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